Welcome to the inaugural Greater Dayton Building & Remodeling, Design Blog posting.  My mission is to increase quality design and Architecture awareness.  Of course, quality design can be a subjective term, but we all know good design when we engage it.  Just because my employer, Greater Dayton Construction Group, is a design-build company, it does not necessarily mean our focus will be solely on design in the construction world.  My vision is to improve our quality of life by enhancing all the design and architecture around us.


Cars, homes, clothing, music, and cities are all conceptualized by designers.  Some develop a design on what will sell, others are trying to establish an identity.  Robert McCarter writes about good design engaging one’s senses.  Great spaces should alter our senses as we experience the settings, lighting, textures, massing, and scale.  We are not the same after leaving an excellently designed space.  McCarter also writes, “Constructive criticism is the result of a powerful, transformative experience, the quality of which we seek to communicate to each other, hoping they will also feel compelled to undergo the same experience.  Great works of architecture take hold of and shake us, ‘like storm-winds’, flinging open the doors of perception.”


This transformative experience is what great design should embody.  Therefore, my pursuit is to blog about quality designs we are working on, the processes, the experience, or even what we’re reading about.  We hope through script, imagery, and videos, we will capture an audience that believes in experiencing exceptional spaces being paramount to understanding quality design and architecture.